Sunday, 12 August 2018

Wine tasting at The Mount Vineyard

Last Friday we went to The Mount Vineyard for wine tasting. We had always wanted to do wine tasting and after this place had been recommended to us, we decided to book it.

It's based in Shoreham, Kent so it's not very far from us, once you walk into the grounds it's as if your in a different country the weather helped a lot, it was in the 30's (thanks to our summer we've been having this year) but the scenery was so idyllic and really had us in a good mood.  

We decided to have lunch before our wine tasting session started, we went for The Chicken Coop pizza each which had Mozzarella, Pesto, Red onion, Mushrooms & Chicken on, this was very tasty and a Pink Gin which was the perfect way to start our afternoon.  




After  lunch it was time for our wine tasting, there was a group of 8 of us, we were all given a glass of white sparkling wine to enjoy while going on the vineyard tour which was a very nice touch. This was really interesting, the guy who did the tour and tasting, Ramon (Greek not Spanish, you will understand this if ever get him doing your tour) was very knowledgeable and entertaining. 

Back inside for our wine tasting, we were given a selection of wines to enjoy with a cheese & meat board. It was a chilled, informal experience, we were left to talk amongst ourselves while enjoying the wine & food. Surprisingly our favorite wine of the day was a non chilled red wine, which we didn't expect as we weren't a big fan of red wine until now

Half eaten Cheese & Meat board! 

We had a really nice afternoon and enjoyed our time here, it was something different to do and we felt as if we were so far away even though we were so close by!  
We would definitely come back for lunch & drinks here in the near future and would recommend the wine tasting to anyone, this would make a great present for someone or just for fun like we did.  

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