Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mega Mystery Bus Tour

We were invited to go along to the Mega Mystery Bus event in London in association with Mega Bus UK by the lovely people at Search Laboratory.

So on Thursday evening we arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel in Portman street London which was our meeting point, to some nibbles & wine while we got to mingle with everyone. It was lovely seeing a familiar face at the event Lilly, who happened to be in our team. 

We were put into four teams and given a pack which included an iPad, clue cards & evidence bags. We had to choose a team name so we decided to call ourselves Team Sherlocked

Team Sherloked

The coach took us to two different locations starting with Westminster Abbey, Trafalger Square and from there we had to make our way to Covent Garden, where we had to answer different questions using the evidence cards and meet different characters along the way (such as Sherlock himself). In order to get a clue card from them we had to do different tasks, one being tell him a joke.

The tour took about 3 hours to complete, it was a fun experience and something different to do. We think this would be a good experience to do with family or friends. After the tour had finished we made our way back to the hotel to get the results of what team had won, only to be greeted by the man himself Sid! 
Back at the hotel we found out we came third which our team was happy with. 

Sid the Mega bus man! :) 

Let us know if this is something you have done before or are now thinking about doing.

L & M 


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