Sunday, 17 September 2017

Our Health & Fitness Transformations

Back in February 2013 we decided we wanted to become more active and get fitter. We realised we wasn't doing any form of exercise apart from the odd walk and our diet wasn't the best either. We always felt confident in ourselves and wasn't aiming to lose weight but didn't anticipate the changes that would happen to us both mentally and physically over the years. We decided to buy a treadmill as our main thing to get us into exercise as we didn't want to spend money on a gym membership. From then on after work we would do half hour on it from walking to building up to a light run, gradually we would up the time if we felt like it. We soon felt an improvement in ourselves and felt less sluggish and had more energy. We also incorporated weight training to our routine using weights we bought for at home. 

We wanted more variety so we decided to buy a cross trainer. On the days we didn't fancy using the machines we would do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD's, which are amazing & challenged us. We found by doing this and changing our eating habits we really did start to see results & started getting compliments from family & work colleagues which spurred us on more and made us not want to give up. Last August we decided to sign up to Results with Lucy & try out some of the plans, we found these really enjoyable & they helped put more variety in our routine.

Over the years we have seen changes to our bodies that have came with our lifestyle of working out and better food choices. We have also educated ourselves on nutrition & believe moderation is key & do not deprive ourselves of anything we want to eat. It's about making small healthy choices. We drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day sometimes more, this really helps with losing weight & keeping you hydrated while working out. Also, always make sure you get enough sleep as this can really effect your body if you don't get enough.

This July we decided to join the gym as we were getting a bit bored with doing home workouts. So with a mixture of the gym & doing workout classes is really challenging us. It's always good to keep things fresh so you don't get bored.

Lauren 2012 - Present 

Maddy 2012 - Pesent

As this is now a lifestyle we tend to workout between 3-4 days a week, more if we feel like it but always giving ourselves at least 1 rest day. We will always try to make time no matter how busy we are, working out just makes us feel SO much better and is a great stress reliever. This has not only changed us physically but mentally and we really didn't think fitness would become so much part of our lives as it is now. It is so important to get a good balance between a healthy lifestyle and life in general and we always try our best to do this.
You can read our post on 'What healthy means to us' here.

We hope this post has inspired someone even if it's just one person, We would love for someone to have read this post & decided to change their lifestyle for the better. If you have any questions for us please leave a comment below.

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  1. What incredible progress you girls have made! I have a treadmill in my house but it's covered with dust and DVDs <3 I do go to gym though! I am planning on starting to take some fitness classes as well as personal training!

  2. Thank you so much Becca! Fitness classes are a really fun way to keep fit & personal training would be amazing! xx

  3. Wow!!! This transformation is incredible!! I can't believe it! :)
    xx finja |


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