Sunday, 30 July 2017

giffgaff Money Fit 5k


Last Saturday we took part in the Giffgaff money fit 5k challenge at Shoreditch Park. Giffgaff money offers saving tips and money management, personal finance, debt management and student money. You can find out more at

After we had registered for the run, we caught up with our blogger friend Lilly and managed to take a few pictures before the run started. The 5k consisted of 4 laps around the park including going through an inflatable obstacle (which was the hardest part!). The marshals helped all us runners by clapping and cheering us on, which really motivated us to carry on. We both finished the run in 35 minutes which we were both really pleased with.

Start of the run

Crossing the finish line

 Once we ran the 4 laps we received a medal and a goodie bag. The event organisers then picked 8 people at random to ride the mechanical pig (& yes we were chosen to do this) this was to raise money for our chosen charities, whoever stayed on the longest won the money.
We ended up staying on the pig for 10 seconds (that's both our times put together) Maddy managed to stay on for 6 seconds & Lauren stayed on for 4 seconds. If anyone has been on one before you will know how hard it is.

Maddy on the pig

Maddy off the pig (lol)

Lauren on the pig

Lauren off the pig (lol)
Overall the morning was really fun and everyone done such a good job, doing the run as well as organizing the event. Anything that involves fitness of some sort we're always up for getting involved with. We would definitely like to be involved in more events like this in the future.

Have any of you ran a 5k for charity before? Let us know below.

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  1. Yay!! Congrats on finishjng:) must have been fun. It's my mobile provider... heheh
    X finja /

  2. It was really fun & same we're with giffgaff as well haha xx


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