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Best of USA - Vegas & New York - PART 2

Following from last weeks post. Here's part 2 of our trip.

Las Vegas

We were so excited to visit Vegas, we knew it was going to be hot but we didn't realise it was going to be as hot as it was (after a day we got used to the heat).  We stayed at the  Golden Nugget hotel that was right on Fremont street. On our first night we went to a lovely Chinese restaurant in the hotel called Lillie's Asian Cuisine. After the meal we went and explored Fremont street. We saw the famous light show and watched people on the zip line that goes across the whole of Fremont Street. We also enjoyed some drinks at one of the bars to end a fab first day.

The next day was the day we were most looking forwards to, it was the day we were going to take a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. We arrived at the heliport with a mixture of nerves and excitement but mostly excitement! There was 6 of us in the helicopter including the pilot. Personally we think we had the best view as we was able to sit at the front of the helicopter with the pilot. Once we were all strapped in it was time for takeoff.  The views were breath taking, it was nothing like we had seen before, the pictures don't do it justice it's something we feel everyone if you ever get a chance to go to Vegas have to do the ride across the Grand Canyon.

When the helicopter landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon it was a chance for us to take all our pictures and to soak it all in. We also had a champagne lunch which was the perfect ending. We've said if we was to ever go back to Vegas this would be something we would definitely do again.  

That evening we went to see Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand. We have wanted to see one of these shows for ages so thought being in Vegas was the perfect opportunity. The show was amazing and would recommend anyone to go see one of these shows if you get a chance. After the show we decided to go and see what the strip was all about. We went in most of the hotel's, they were massive and spectacular with lots of shops, restaurants and obviously casinos, you could easily spend a day in one of them. 

On our last day we decided to make the most of the weather and have a 

pool day at our hotel pool. The pool was really cool as it had a shark tank and a slide going through it! In the evening we went for a meal at the Bellagio hotel. We ate at a really nice Mexican restaurant with really fresh and authentic Mexican food called Canonita we had a perfect table right next to the gondolas which was a perfect view. 

Vegas was everything we had expected and would love to visit again.

New York

New York was the place we were most looking forwards to visiting, since we were 15 we had been saying how much we wanted to go and 10 years later we finally made it a reality (it was worth the wait).

Our first day in New York we had a tour around the city with the Contiki group, we saw The Rockefeller Center, museum row, drove through Central Park, visited Grand Central Station and Lower Manhattan. We visited Ground Zero and went in the 9/11 memorial museum. The museum was really interesting and just heartbreaking but was something we wanted to do. 

That evening we went to Times Square to have a look around & get some dinner, we ended up at The Hard Rock Cafe which was really nice & a good atmosphere inside. We got our good old favorite burger & fries (we just LOVE burgers so much).

The next day we took a boat to see the Statue of Liberty which was nice to see in person and had a wander around the island. After we decided we wanted to find the Sprinkles cupcake  ATM machine (had to get that pic for Insta) which is next door to the bakery. We finally found it after a trek, it was worth it though as we bought 2 cupcakes and a cookie each and they tasted so good. Afterwards we made our way to Central Park to have a walk around, it was so hot but was really nice taking the atmosphere in. We ended up going to The MET after, we're big Gossip Girl fans and had to get a picture of us on the steps. Finally to end a busy day we went to the Empire State building up the 86th floor to see the amazing view of New York.

xoxo Lauren 

xoxo Maddy

We had heard about a place called Jack's Wife Freida and wanted to give it a try, so the next day we decided to go for breakfast there. It didn't disappoint, we went for the Mediterranean breakfast with a side of fingerling potatoes and a baguette with butter and jam. We would definitely recommend this place and will be returning when we come back. We spent the day shopping and found the best bakery in New York called Levain, they do the most insane cookies, soft, thick and gooey, hands down the best cookies we've ever tasted. 

That evening we went to see Aladdin on Broadway, the show was amazing (the genie was everything, if you've seen this, you will know what we mean) and was the perfect way to spend our last night in New York.

We had a night flight back home so we had the daytime to do any last minute exploring. We went for brunch at Eat by Chloe, again after hearing a lot of good things about this place, it didn't disappoint. We went for the pancakes and a side of toast, these both tasted so good. Afterwards we went to the American museum of Natural History (where Night in the museum was filmed)took one last walk through central park and because the cookies were just SO good went back to Levain bakery for another cookie (if you know, you know).

New York was everything we had dreamed of and more and we will definitely visit again.

We hope you enjoyed this post, we loved visiting both of these places & we have such amazing memories.

Have you been to either of these places before? Let us know in the comments below :)

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  1. I love Vegas! I went 2 years ago and also saw the Grand Canyon and it's just beautiful! Loved your photo's and I want to visit New York soon! I will have a post on my American travels as soon as I get the photos sorted!
    Liz x

  2. It was amazing we loved it! Yeah definitely post about your travels we would love to read about it! :) x


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