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Best of USA - LA & San Fran - PART 1

We've been back from our trip for nearly 2 weeks now (it seems like only yesterday we were there) & we thought we would do a blog post to tell you all about it.

We decided to do 2 blog posts about our travels (part 2 will be about Vegas & New York) we had an amazing time on our travels, it was more than what we expected & has made us want to travel to more places. If you read our previous post you will have some idea of what we had planned to do. So lets get started. 

Our first full day in LA we went to Melrose Avenue to have a look around (& to find the ever so instagramable pink wall) It was perfect weather & was so nice just to walk down the famous road & to take it all in (the fact that we were actually here on this trip after SO long dreaming about it.)

In the afternoon we went for a meal that Mel Wells had arranged at Gracias Madre, this is a Vegan Mexican restaurant & the food tasted AMAZING! we were so pleased to be in LA at the same time this meal had been arranged for we just had to go. We would definitely recommend this restaurant & will be returning if we go back to LA. Mel was lovely & just as we expected her to be, she also gladly signed a copy of her book for us. We met some lovely ladies at the meal, its so nice to meet like minded women who share the same interests & all connected. Check out Mel's vlog on YouTube to see what we got up to at the
meal here

The Goddesses

Mel & Lauren

Mel & Maddy

The Contiki 
trip began with a tour of LA. We went to Venice beach first. Venice beach wasn't what we expected as it was very quiet with not a lot of people around, maybe it was because it was a weekday and the time of day we went which was early morning . It was also quite cold and cloudy which we was not expecting. We then went to Santa Monica which was more buzzing with people and the weather improved, it was more our scene. We loved the shops and the pier.

We then went to Hollywood (Startruck eyes) where we saw the famous sign! We saw the walk of fame and the Chinese Mann's theater. The weather was very hot and it definitely improved our mood! 
We went on a Hollywood homes tour that we really enjoyed. This took us around some of the  famous streets such Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills to name a few.  

We couldn't be in LA and not do a day at Disneyland. This was a day of magic and happiness. We love Disneyland and it is truly the most happiest place in the world. 

We loved our time in LA. We done all the touristy things we wanted to do. This is a place we would love to return to in the future. 

San Francisco

We thought San Fran was such a cute city, the pier/ Fishermans Wharf reminded us of Brighton with the shops & restaurants. The weather here was windy & quite chilly so we were pleased we packed a pair of jeans with us as these were basically what we wore while we were here.

We had booked tickets to go to Angel Island & Alcatraz a few months ago, we were so pleased we had done this as people were having trouble getting tickets to go to Alcatraz on the day. We loved going round Angel Island it was so nice being out in the fresh air, just taking in the scenery. Seeing the amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

At Alcatraz we did a walking tour around the prison, where we wore a headset, listening to a cassette tape where the previous guards & some of the prisoners talked you through their experience. We found it really interesting (we're geeks for anything crime related) & would recommend anyone to visit Alcatraz while in San Fran.

While we were in San Fran we visited China Town & had a meal there which was very nice (we love chinese food.) We went to Union Square to have a wander, the shops here were really good and the restaurants were all around this area. One of them being The Cheesecake Factory. We knew we wanted to try this restaurant as we have heard it was meant to be good and it really was! We ordered a feast as we didn't realise how big the portions were going to be. We of course had to try a slice of one of their many cheesecake selections that was delish. We went for the white chocolate & macadamia nut cheesecake which we shared.

We hope you enjoyed this post, we loved visiting both of these places & we have such amazing memories. 

Have you been to either of these places before?  Let us know in the comments below :)

L & M

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