Sunday, 5 February 2017

The #BloggersHub Workshop

Last Saturday we attended our first bloggers workshop, hosted by #BloggersHub on how to grow your social media following. We've never been to any blogger workshops/events before so didn't really know what to expect.

The workshop was held at Blank 100 in Dalston, London which is a photography studio/apartment. The apartment was an open space with a lot of natural light coming through. It had a unique feel about it and we loved all the pictures on the walls, plants and the decor. 

We learnt some interesting points on how to grow your social media following such as, growth tactics, using relevant hash tags and branding.

It was lovely to meet a group of girls who all had a common ground (all had blogs or were thinking about starting one) and all seemed generally interested in what our blog is about. We got the chance to network with everyone and exchanged Twitter and Instagram handles with some of the girls.

The workshop was around 2 hours long and it was a relaxed chat where we could all get involved and ask questions if we had any. There were cupcakes, popcorn and marshmallow bars (all our faves) on offer to have throughout the time we were there. We was all given two gifts, which was a lovely thought.

Our faves!

The two gifts we were given. We're looking forwards to trying these out!

We really enjoyed this workshop and are looking forwards to attending more blogger workshops/events this year.

Let us know below if you have attended any blogger workshops/events.

L & M

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  1. I really wanted to go to this, it looked so fun ! I'm gonna deffo attend the next one, maybe i'll see you there x

  2. That workshop sounded so much fun! Gosh, I really wanted to go but I'm living a bit too far away to just fly there and haha, go.

    ~ Jasmin N


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